"Throughout cinema, there have been a bevy of plots revolving around individuals whose humanity got pushed to their limits, teetering good people to lash out at a world that brought them harm, heartache, and loss. Societally fractured characters like Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, D-Fens played by Micheal Douglas in Falling Down, and most recently in Unhinged with Russel Crowe, have brought to light how even the seemingly-everyday person can become a raging villain when their deeper aggression is left unchecked. Argentinian writer/director Mariano Cohncrafts a savvy, almost polarizing, take on the concept of “man on the brink” with his latest film, 4X4. Co-written by Gastón Duprat, 4X4illuminates such a character through the glaze of his victim in this broodingly effective thriller set in the crime-riddled streets of Argentina."

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